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Our Story

Allsmiles Dental Care is situated in sec 19, at the heart of city beautiful with easy accessibility to all the major locations as well as the transportation spots.

We Listen to You

Better communication leads to better care. All through the treatment, there is a regular communication regarding your needs, desires as regards the treatment and we ensure that you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident every step of the way.

Our Mission

  1. To enhance the lives of people by offering high-quality dental care.
  2. To provide a comfortable and pleasing dental experience that puts even dental phobics at ease.

Why Choose Us?

The systematic approach that we use ensures minimal invasive treatment. Combined with experience and know how, we make the process of smile makeovers longer lasting, comfortable and quick. We take great pride in helping others with their smiles and for the renewed self confidence they feel. Incredible attention to ‘detail’ to meet the highest expectations is given so that you leave the office very happy.

We Use the Best International Dental Materials and Equipment

The only philosophy behind our practice is – THE BEST FOR YOU.  Because you deserve the best and no less. We use the best internationally recognized dental materials and equipment from countries including Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France and the USA.

Dental Laboratory

Having an association with the best laboratories in the country, we provide you with excellent results, in the shortest amount of time. In cosmatic work, we offer

  1. Custom Shading,
  2. Intricate Detailing
  3. Quick Turnaround Time for our clients.

You and Your Family’s Safety.

We follow the strictest guidelines and employ the latest and most gentle digital diagnostic technology to reduce patient x-ray, and perform our dental surgeries in an environment with the highest standards of sterilization.

Caring for the Community and Environment.

Our clinic maintains the highest standards of environmental safety. We do not produce any radiographic waste products and do not use mercury filling materials. Ours is a complete amalgam free clinic thereby completely negating the harms and hazards of mercury.




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