Crowns And Bridges

Don’t put up with discoloured teeth or those that keep breaking! Protect your tooth with a crown !


Crowns are tooth-shaped caps which fit over your teeth and provide strength and durability to teeth for long time.-

  1. Protect heavily filled teeth
  2. Cover blackened teeth.
  3. Root-canal treated teeth/ After RCT
  4. Cosmetically to improve the appearance of teeth.
  1. Full metal
  2. Metal core + ceramic
  3. Full Ceramic For areas of high aesthetics, for smile improvement and smile design.


Veneers are used where we need to improve/ correct the smiles of the patient.

  1. Blackened teeth
  2. Crooked teeth in which orthodontic treatmentcant be done.
  3. Spacing between the teeth
  4. Smile correction
  5. Unusually small teeth
  6. Protuded teeth/ teeth flaying out of the mouth.
A measurement of the tooth/teeth over which veneer/ crown is to be given is taken. A temporary crown to cover your tooth is given until the permanent crown has been made. Once your permanent crown is ready, it is checked for fit and appearance before cementing it in place. Most crowns last five to 15 years. For more information give us a call today

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