Teeth Whitening

Many of our patients want their teeth to be lighter and brighter which might have undergone discoloration with ageTooth whitening is a good way to do this without altering the shape and structure of the teeth

Tooth whitening is also a popular way to brighten a smile that may be naturally dark or yellow. It is a simple treatment and yet can create a lighter-looking, beautiful smile.


  • Prior to all treatments a professional consultation
  • A clear idea of the likely results and prior to any treatment taking place.
  • Teeth are then cleaned thoroughly with an activator to prepare teeth for treatment and to remove accumulated debris ensuring treatment is effective.


  • Treatment is then carried out with the help of a special mouth guard to evenly distribute it over the teeth.
  • This process is completed in two to three cycles. The full teeth whitening session is then complete with amazing and instant results left for you to enjoy.


  • Professional aftercare and maintenance advice is provided ensuring results are maximized.
  • A new bright, white smile will help you feel more confident, boost your self-esteem, and make you more willing to partake in social situations.

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